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Meet Kristy Louise, indi pole wear spokeswoman and future pole dance champion!

India Bohanna

Posted on September 08 2014

"You will have your bad days but you will also have days where you nail everything first go... If it's a bad day, put on your favourite song and just dance."

kristy louise

Today we are chatting with our newest spokeswoman. Kristy Louise is one of Australia's dancers to watch! Kristy Louise started pole a year ago, began competing in 2014, and is already amazing audiences with her incredible flexibility, gymnastic skill and strength. Kristy Louise has the titles of 2nd runner up - ACT/TAS Pole Championship, Amateur Champion - NSW Pole Championships & 3rd Miss Pole Dance ACT Amateur division. Kristy will be competing for the Amateur Pole Champion title in the Australian Pole Championships in September 2014 - we are so excited to see what Kristy brings to the stage! Kristy Louise is a teacher and student of Aerial Pole Academy in Canberra, Australia. We chat about her pole journey, what pole means to her and her tips for new pole dance students....

1. How did you discover pole dance and how has it shaped your life?

I discovered pole just over a year ago when it felt like the world was crashing down around me. I was in a really difficult stage in my life and I needed an outlet for my emotions. I was definitely ready for a change, and I was ready to prove something to both myself and the world. I missed dancing when I was younger and knew that it may have been too late to get back into gymnastics and ballet but found pole to be exactly what I needed. I could utilize my flexibility, strength and dance skills.

2. Why are you passionate about pole?

I love pole because it allows me to be part of an incredibly supportive community. My pole friends mean the world to me! Looking back to last year, so much has changed in such short period of time, I never thought I would perform in a theatre again, let alone be preparing for a national competition! Since starting pole I have smashed goals and gained so much confidence and pride in myself. It is a overwhelming emotional roller coaster, but I am so glad I got on.

3. Do you see pole as art, sport or fitness and why?

I couldn’t box pole into one category. It is clearly an amazing way to get fit - I have muscles I never knew existed! I can now over split on 4 yoga blocks. But I'm also very competitive, I compete whenever I can and constantly strive to improve myself. That's where fitness mixes with sport. And then in a routine you have to be expressive and tell a story. So much emotion can be put into one routine! I love it - it's the best feeling! When you’ve trained hard, thought competitively and danced with your soul on stage - pole is an art, a sport and a fitness regime all in one!

4. Describe your ideal pole training schedule.

As well as teaching & training pole, my personal training focuses on  flexibility. I love contortion and including back bends in my pole tricks and choreography. Flexibility is definitely my strength, and you always love doing what you’re good at! I stretch ALL the time!

5. What advice would you give to new pole dancers to help them reach their pole goals?

Never give up. I personally get really frustrated if I can't nail a trick, but I'll leave it for a week and then persist again. You will have your bad days but you will also have days where you nail everything first go... If it's a bad day, put on your favourite song and just dance.

To see what Kristy Louise is up to, follow her on Instagram!

Photo courtesy of NSW Pole Championships & Chi Chu photography.

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  • Crystal: September 11, 2014

    Love this interview and love kristy!! Can’t believe how much she has achieved in such a short time! So amazing and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! I love the response to question 3. Do you see pole as art, sport or fitness and why? So true!!!

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