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Intermediate/Advanced Luxury Pole Retreat

"Taking time out for yourself is one of the best investments you can make."

Give yourself permission to be pampered, explore the tropical paradise of Bali and develop your pole skills in a super supportive environment with plenty of one-on-one guidance. And you'll have the holiday of a lifetime bonding with new friends from all over the world!

7 days & 6 nights in Beautiful Seminyak, Bali

July 9-15, 2017 - NOW FULL

July 16-22, 2017 - 3 spots remaining!

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Do you love the idea of spending a week in Bali, learning new pole tricks and skills, and having fun with new friends from around the world? Well it's time you took time out of normal life; come and join our Intermediate/Advanced Pole Retreat! Meet like-minded pole sisters from around the world & learn new skills on this once-in-a-lifetime Retreat! Let our passionate, talented and friendly instructors guide, encourage and inspire you. We will only be accepting 15 dancers on this retreat, so you get the personalised attention and mentorship you deserve.   

If you can climb, spin and sit on the pole, and are working on perfecting your inverts (e.g. inverted straddle, shoulder mount), as well as more advanced skills (e.g. inside/outside leg hangs, handsprings, moves up the pole), this Intermediate/Advanced Retreat is perfect for you! All workshops will be tailored to your skill level, so you can make the most of your workshops.

Our philosophy is to offer a carefully developed pole program that helps you develop and reinforce skills to make you a better dancer - we won't just overload you with tricks! We spend months developing our Retreat workshop programs, and all our workshops are offered in Bali's state of the art pole studio. Over the week, you'll experience 12 hours of a balanced program to help you become the dancer you want to be, including the following workshops:

Dynamic Pole

Bendy Pole

Fluidity & Flow


Pole Dance

Exotic Pole


Strength & Conditioning

And many more!


Your teachers.

Tammy Grindlay (Aus) (aka "Bam Bam") 


Tammy was one of the most popular teachers on our 2016 Retreats, for so many reasons! The moment you meet Tammy, you'll love her, as a teacher and person! Not only is Tammy a seasoned pole performer, having competed nationally in a variety of competitions, she is also an incredibly positive and supportive teacher, as well as a qualified personal trainer. Tammy is known for her love of teaching - her specialities are dynamic flips, drops and power pole moves, as well as beautiful contemporary pole routines and incredible floorwork workshops. Tammy's love of pole is infectious, and she loves to help students reach their goals and improve their confidence on the pole. 


Ellie Conner (UK/Norway) (aka "Aerial Ellie")


Ellie's passion for pole is inspiring, as are her beautiful flowing combos on the pole. Ellie will encourage and inspire you with her patient teaching style, her focus on fluidity and transitions, and her tips to help you look and feel graceful on the pole while developing beautiful combinations. Ellie's specialities are stretching & conditioning, floor and basework, beautiful lines and shapes on the pole, freestyle flow and fluidity. Ellie's message is always body positive - it's her mission to make every dancer feel strong, graceful and beautiful!

Pole classes finish in the early afternoon, so you have plenty of time to Pamper & Play... 


We are all about taking time to pause, relax & re-charge. Push open carved antique gates to reveal your secret paradise - a sea of luxurious tropical green enveloping your sapphire blue private pool. Take a step inside your villa and be swept away by breathtaking bohemian style, with each room thoughtfully designed to inspire you with art, colour and style. 

Saunter out to enjoy Island life by the pool, in a hammock, relaxing on an opulent day bed or sunbathe in the private garden. Enjoy a massage or manicure by the pool, with our on-call spa service. Don't forget you have an in-villa massage included in your retreat package. After every fun filled day, retire to your luxurious, cosy bedroom with private ensuite.



Fall in love with Bali. Famous for it's friendly people and artistic Hindu culture, you will find something beautiful to discover around every corner.

Pole classes finish in the early afternoon so you have time to explore your island paradise. You won’t believe how many incredible restaurants, bars and boutiques are just a stroll from the villa! Why not go for a sunset cocktail at one of Bali’s famous beach bars? Or perhaps take an afternoon shopping for a new beach dress?

Our exclusive villa complex has plenty of space perfect for stretching, movement jams or impromptu photoshoots in the sun, or for you to find a secluded spot to relax on your own amongst the lush tropical garden. Bali is beautiful. Learn more about Balinese culture & add a few days of easy personal travel onto your retreat. We can help you with recommendations.

We can't wait to share this unique journey with you.


Explore your luxury tropical villa sanctuary
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Here's some of what our 2016 dancers had to say:

"My favourite thing about the Retreat was the small intimate and personalized feel."

"I loved the other students - never have I bonded with a group of women so deeply in such a short period of time. The food was amazing. The villas were amazing. The pole wear was amazing. The hosts were amazing! The location (to the rest of Seminyak) was very convenient!"

"The workshops kicked my ass and I loved it!"

"My favourite thing about the Retreat was the fact that it was perfectly balanced with relaxation and freedom to do what we wanted to."

"My favourite thing was the variety of workshops - each was unique and totally different from the last. Also how it left me feeling a sense of community and friendship."

"I loved that I was pushed out of my comfort zone throughout the retreat; from meeting new people, experiencing different pole classes, using different poles, being in a different country, and even getting up early! I loved that I made new friends and got to spend time with amazing people from all around the world. I loved that I got to have a whole week of pole time just for me. I loved the wonderful and awesomely healthy meals that were prepared for us. I loved how the villas all interconnected so that we could easily share the space and connect with each other."

"My favourite thing was meeting other like-minded dancers who share a passion for dance & really encourage growth."

"The opportunity is gave to meet other amazing women from all over world that shared a common interest. I will never forget the memories I made and things I learnt, I can't think or speak of Bali without getting excited! I was also very fortunate to be surrounded by some amazing business women which was very inspiring. I loved every minute of it the range of classes meant I was taken out of my comfort zone but still received the the same support that I would in my home studio. I think staying altogether and having breakfast and lunch all together was a great way to form a bond. The camaraderie between the instructors and students was priceless as it helped to create a open, comfortable environment. The accommodation was perfect, it would have been a completely different experience had we stayed in a hotel. The people, the accommodation, the staff, the pole studio, the whole experience was my favourite!"



Group photo courtesy of Melissa D

Photos of Tammy & Ellie courtesy of Fiona Peters Photography:

Workshop photos courtesy of indi pole wear