Dance with us.

Do you want to become a better dancer? We have carefully crafted our retreat pole program to help you build skills in all the key areas of pole dance. You'll experience classes in Dynamic Pole, Fluidity & Flow, Bendy Pole, Bendy Backs, Splits, Handstands, Floorwork, Free Dance, Exotic Pole plus a heap more! We want to help you grow, not overload you with tricks. You will experience 15+ hours of pole workshops over 5 days. You'll also get the chance to practice what you've learned in regular pole jams. 

We are accepting a maximum of 20 dancers per retreat, so you will benefit from personalised tuition and all the one-on-one attention you need. All classes will be held at the beautiful Pole Souls studio, not far from your villa. With 8 static poles & polished wooden floors, this intimate studio is the perfect place to learn!

Who is this retreat for? 

This retreat is open to both beginner and more advanced pole dancers. The only requirements are that you can pole sit, climb and invert. We will bring dancers of similar ability levels together into groups, and we'll work with you to ensure we tailor our workshops to suit. During classes we will always offer options to simplify or advance, depending on what you need.  Remember, each retreat will have less than 20 dancers, which means you will have the chance to ask questions, seek guidance and receive lots of one-on-one guidance and adjustment. 

Workshop descriptions

Our instructors will bring their unique passions, style and tricks to our workshop program, which covers these key areas: 

Major elements (3 workshops per level)

Fluidity & Flow: We all wish we could dance more gracefully on and around the pole! This workshop series will focus on flows and transitions to help you add fluidity and creativity to your pole dance. 3 workshops per level

Dynamic Pole: The word “dynamic” comes from the Latin word for “power”. In this workshop series we’ll learn to generate spin, power and momentum on the pole. Let’s fly, spin, drop, tumble and flip! 3 workshops per level

Bendy Pole: Pole is all about creating beautiful lines and shapes. Learn how to harness splits and back bends on the pole, to create visually stunning combos and beautiful shapes, even if you're not very flexible! 3 workshops per level 

Single workshops

Floor Work: Let’s roll around on the floor! Learn to love the floor and the space around the pole and find out how to use it more creatively. Get more confident in bringing floor work into your own dance! 

Pole Dance: Learn simple, fun routines. Have fun, follow along & dance. Get a great cardio workout & build your confidence in following choreography. Heels optional.

Bendy Backs: Let’s start to open up our shoulders, spines and hips to create beautiful backbends. We’ll show you how to stretch and strengthen and get you on the path to bendiness!

Splits: Splits are a huge part of pole dance! Let’s work on our splits together using techniques from a variety of disciplines. Go home with a series of stretches you can use in your own training.

Contortion: Are you already doing bridges and have a mostly flat split? If you're ready, let’s take it up a notch and start working on extreme flexibility using techniques from dance, circus & gymnastics. 

Exotic Pole & Heels: Release your inner goddess in this sexy pole workshop. All about bringing out the feminine, sensual side, learn to move with fluidity and how to work your best angles and shapes for maximum sexiness. If you choose to bring heels, we’ll help you gain confidence and have fun dancing in your heels. 

Crafting a Performance: Whether your choreographing a routine just for you, or you’re working on a piece for competition, we’ll show you what makes a great performance, and give you tips on how to choreograph and connect with your audience.

Hand Balancing: Let’s get upside down! Learn how to build strength, stability and balance and gain confidence in your handstands and forearm stands.

Free Dance: How do you dance freely, without choreography or combos already prepared? We’ll guide you through tips and exercises to help you connect with your creativity and increase your confidence in freestyling.

Beautiful Basics: Learn how to make foundation moves look beautiful and seem effortless. In this class you’ll perfect and personalize the fundamental moves of pole, from inverts to leg hangs.

Perfect poses: Preparing for a pole photo shoot? Learn tips and tricks about shapes, angles and accents, to help you make your photo shoots more efficient and your pictures more beautiful.  

Meet your passionate instructors

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