phoebe armfield


2014 Professional competitor, Pole Candy Pro Division

2013 Amateur champion, Queensland Pole Championships.

2013 Amateur finalist, Australian Pole Championships

2013 Champion, Rising Stars

2013 Competitor, Pole and Aerial All Stars

X-Pole Protege

My pole story: I'm a trained ballerina and have been doing ballet since I was four. I had only ever associated pole dancing with strip clubs until I was living in Canada and I attended a local pole dance competition and thought "Wow that's cool, I think I could do that!" After coming home to Australia I started a Beginner's pole dance course and have been doing pole ever since. I've been teaching pole for 5 years now, and started competing in 2013. My husband is in the military and he was going to Afghanistan in 2013, so I decided to enter my first competition to give me something to put my energy into while he was away. It worked out, I won!

2014 goal: To win a professional title (Phoebe is competing in this year's Queensland Pole Championships Professional Division and Pole Candy Semi-Professional Division). Competing has opened up so many new doors, I  love it. It's allowed me to meet so many people and travel to amazing new places.

Challenges: The biggest challenge is time. Balancing work and pole training can be challenging, but it's worth it. My solution is lots of coffee! Keeping healthy is also important - being as healthy as I can be helps me to be able to train without being tired.

Nemesis pole move: Anything that requires gripping with the armpit - I just can't do it. You'll never see me do it in a competition piece!

Health and fitness regime: As well as teaching pole, I used to be a power lifter. I don't have as much time to lift now as I'd like, but I still incorporate weight lifting into my fitness regime - it helps me stay strong on the pole and helps prevent overuse injuries. I also practice yoga at home and attend regular dance classes. I also try to eat healthy and I don't drink much.

Favourite social media accounts: I follow mainly healthy eating Instagram accounts. I love estelleallen - her Instagram promotes a healthy body and mind, and she is always posting healthy, delicious recipes. I also love teresacutter_healthychef for amazing healthy recipes. I try to eat healthy and gluten free whenever I can, as it helps me feel physically fit. 

Tips for new pole dancers: Keep healthy! As pole dancers what we do is use our body constantly, so if it's not healthy then everything suffers. Also, take your time learning and don't get disheartened. When I started pole, the hardest move was a jade split! Pole has become much more advanced very quickly, but it's not a race, you always want it to be fun. At the end of the day it's also entertainment, and you want it to be something you enjoy doing and the audience enjoys watching - that doesn't necessarily mean the biggest tricks.




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