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Pole dancing is a high performance sport, which requires high performance fabric. Our pole wear is made from the highest quality Lycra®. Our Lycra® fabric is colourfast, highly durable, and resistant to salt water, chlorine and UV damage. At the same time the fabric has an exceptionally soft feel, draws away sweat, and won't lose its shape. Our Lycra® is of a higher quality than other stretch fabrics such as spandex or elastane.

Because we use the best quality fabric, you can expect your indi pole wear to be comfortable, durable and to retain elasticity and colour.

Because of the quality fabric and technical construction used, you can wear indi pole wear for a variety of sports including dance, yoga & swimming.

indi pole wear is made in Australia and meets the highest standards in Australian manufacturing. We believe in supporting local industry and creating the highest quality pole wear possible.


Treat your items like swimwear - wash them in cold water (gentle machine wash or hand wash), don't soak, tumble dry, iron, dry clean or leave wet. If your items come in contact with chlorine or salt water, just rinse them afterward.