Your host

Both retreats will be hosted by Indi (@bendyindi, founder of indi pole wear)

"I believe we are made to move. Pole dance encourages women to connect with their inner strength, sensuality, power and beauty. I am passionate about our community & encouraging others on their personal journeys of discovery through pole and movement. When we get in touch with our bodies and start to flow, that's when magic happens, inside the studio and in life!"

Your Exotic Pole Instructors

Embrace your sexy side & learn to move with sensuality and grace! We have selected two of the most talented, passionate and sexy dancers in the world to lead you on your Exotic Pole journey. These bombshells will show you how to develop your own sexy style, share their secrets on dancing in the exotic style, guide you through beautiful sexy routines, show you how to improve your heel work, and share their years of expertise and passion with you! And above all, you'll have amazing amounts of fun!

Fontaine Bradbury



Photo credit: The Black Light Sydney

Fontaine is one of Australia's leading pole dancers! Competing on the state, national and international stage, Fontaine became known for her strong and unashamedly sexy style.  Fontaine's passion is helping students develop a healthy body and mind through pole dance, movement, and promoting body love. Fontaine is the owner of the boutique Blackbird Studios in Melbourne, where she shares her love of the Exotic Style with her students on a daily basis. Fontaine can't wait to help you develop your sexy style, share all her tips and tricks for dancing and performing in the Exotic style, and have an amazing week dancing with you! 

Daria Chebotova



The Russian queen of Exotic Pole, hailing from St Petersburg, Daria describes herself as "the future commandant of Exotic." Daria is know for her high heels, her sensual fluidity and beautiful flexibility and control. Daria trained in rhythmic gymnastics for many years and discovered the Exotic Pole style 4 years ago. Daria's focus is on beautiful floorwork, not just tricks. Exotic Pole is Daria's profession and her passion - the only thing that she could do all day, every day...Just watching one of Daria's performances, the skill and control she has developed is obvious. Daria is a traveling instructor, taking the Exotic pole style from Russia to the world! Daria loves to teach and she can't wait to introduce you to her style of sensual movement, to help you embrace your own sexy side and develop your own Exotic style.

Your Exotic Pole Program

Your pole workshop program will cover all aspects of Exotic Pole, on and off the pole! This Retreat will be about developing sensual movement, not about overloading you with big tricks. You will experience 15+ hours of pole workshops over 5 days. You'll also get the chance to practice what you've learned in regular pole jams. 

We are accepting a maximum of 20 dancers per retreat, so you will benefit from personalised tuition and all the one-on-one attention you need. All classes will be held at the beautiful Pole Souls studio, not far from your villa. With 8 static poles & polished wooden floors, this intimate studio is the perfect place to learn!

Who is this retreat for? 

This retreat is open to both beginner and more advanced pole dancers. The only requirements are that you can pole sit, climb and invert. We will bring dancers of similar ability levels together into groups, and we'll work with you to ensure we tailor our workshops to suit. During classes we will always offer options to simplify or advance, depending on what you need.  Remember, each retreat will have less than 20 dancers, which means you will have the chance to ask questions, seek guidance and receive lots of one-on-one guidance and adjustment. 

Packages, inclusions & prices
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    – Rhiannon
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